My Story

Who Am I?

Welcome to the meet the author page! I am Martha, The Tea Time Adventurer. Does that sounds like a strange name to you? Don’t worry a lot of my friends and family think so too….I tend to by more of a coffee drinker than tea lady. It all has to do with a crazy idea I had while in London!

The Backstory

Since graduating from college, I have been known as the crazy know-it-all lady who who always talks about travel, sports, Disney, fashion or some other unrelated random things. I am also a workaholic and planner (a deadly combination). As much as I wanted to travel like my friends and seemingly everybody I followed on Social Media, it was not a realistic priority for me. There would be plenty of time for that later. I was more concerned about getting a well paying job, saving money and setting myself up for the future

.Fast forward 10 years; I didn’t like the person I had become. As cliche as it sounds, I actually found a list I had made in 2010 while cleaning my room. Rediscovering the lists of my hopes and dreams from college, I was so angry and unhappy to see nothing had been accomplished as I read it over What was I working for?

Reevaluating My Priorities

I was tired of being cautious and worried about money and the future. I needed to change the person I was and morph myself back into the excited, hopeful student that had created the goal lists of what I wanted to accomplish. I decided to change careers and took some much needed time off to take a trip to Athens, Greece. This was the once place I knew I needed to go to rediscover and reinvent myself.Athens is a magical place.

I took a long look at what I wanted at this point in my life and went for a few odd jobs that sounded interesting rather than well paying. I moved home so I could fund my travels and stay on track. My family and friends thought I was once again crazy. The truth is, I have never been more excited and more relaxed and stress free in my life. The secret is to take care of yourself and find what works for you. For me, I like having the balance of working part time, and putting lots of effort into all of my interests. Life is not just a money and numbers game.

So Why Tea Time Adventurer?

I’ve wanted to blog for so long about my mistakes, knowledge I’ve gained over the years working in the hospitality and aviation industries and to share my adventures with those who have similar interests. I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t do it in place of standing my ground and going for it. The idea and courage to finally put my thoughts into words came last year during my trip to London.

While drinking tea at Kensington Palace, I pulled out a Moleskin notebook and began planning out possible ideas for what my blog could include and my first posts I could breath life into. When I came home, I bought my domain, came up with the design and slowly starting putting together this website. It seemed fitting that I would be thinking about never ending adventures during tea time.  I prefer to travel solo; I never know where I am going to end up and at this point in my life I feel I need to be free and be me. 

This mess of thoughts and words is me in a nutshell. As the blog continues to grow and develop over the years I will too. Never think anything is too late or hopeless. The possibilities of life are endless. There are ways to everything. Discover and always dare to dream. Until next time, happy travels.