Disneyland’s New Toontown

Disneyland’s Toontown officially reopened after a lengthy refurbishment. Of all the areas of Disneyland Park, it’s probably one of the two areas that needed the most work.

What’s New?

The largest addition to Toontown is the attraction, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. If you’ve been to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, than you might have noticed that it also has an attraction with the same name. That’s because the attractions are identical. The Runaway Railroad is housed in the El Capitoon Theater, which is a fun play on the El Capitan in Hollywood.

Guests walk through a fun queue areas which has been dressed up with memorabilia from the Minnie Mouse and the Toontown Hysterical Society. It has fun posters, props, and costumes from Mickey and Minnie cartoons like Steamboat Willie.

Without spoiling the ride, guests are treating to a fun cartoon, but as with all things in Toontown, nothing is ever exactly as it seems. The technology and concept animation are fantastic and it is definitely a ride for families with kids of all ages.

Another big new addition are two new play fountains and the Walt’s Dreaming Tree area. Inspired by Walt Disney’s childhood hometown,┬áMarceline, Missouri, Imagineers have said they wanted to show where Walt used to dream big as a child. The open play area is a will provide kids the ability to play in the water, and run wild, climbing up and over the tree’s roots. Every night, the trees lanterns light up too as a mini show.

Turning to the houses that used to belong to the Fab 5…Goofy’s house has been transformed into a “How to Play” area that is complete with a fort, a tent, and slides. This is another fun reference to the Goofy “How to…” cartoon series that Disney Animation studios once produced beginning in the 1940s. But it also includes a few nods to Max, Goofy’s son. Inside Goofy’s house, kids will be able to explore Goofy’s kitchen and his candy making machine.

Donald Duck’s home, has also been given an update. The boat now contains a water play area similar to the former Dot’s play area in Bug’s land.

Also worth mentioning is that Chip and Dale’s treehouse has been removed. In it’s place is an empty turf area where families will be able to sit on the ground and play or relax. There are a few carts selling snack nearby too. The area is much quieter and shadier than it used to be and offers a great respire form the sun.

Characters Meet and Greets

While you can still find Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Chip and Dale, and Daisy in Toontown, Disneyland has also added a few new characters! They include: Pete, Claribel Cow!

It’s nice to see these often overlooked characters receive a home.


The previous shopping experience has been refreshed, but remains in the same location.

Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin?

It’s also still there. There have been no changes with it.

Main Takeaways

The new Toontown is brilliant. Period. Full stop. It has so many fun touches to it and could not have been put together any better. The new play areas are perfect for kids that need a “break” from the park, but are still within the park. The interactive features have something for kids of all ages and stages. Toontown still retains it original personality, but has been brought up to the modern day. I hope Tomorrowland will receive the same love in the near future.