Disneyland Ticket Prices Increase

minnie mouse in the amusement park
Photo by Andres Carrera on Pexels.com

As of yesterday, October 11, Disneyland opted to increased their ticket prices and preferred parking. This came as a surprise to many people as in the past, ticket prices have generally been raised before the beginning of the summer season.

What are the New Prices?

Chart Taken from Mice Chat
Chart Taken from Mice Chat
Chart Taken from Mice Chat

What Else Went Up in Price?

If you are using the Genie Plus app to help ‘skip’ waiting in line, the cost of use increased to $25.

Chart Taken from Mice Chat

How Can I Save Money?

The best way to save money is to try and visit Disney parks for multiple days in a row. The longer you stay, the most cost effective the trip is…HOWEVER…you’ll want to ensure that before you make plans, you have a reservation for the days you are looking to go to Disneyland. They are still REQUIRED and open 120 days in advance to book.

Discount Tickets Are Available!

Get Away Today is a travel agency that offers discounted tickets. They are currently having a special ‘Black Friday’ sale until October 20! See here for more information.

Another hack I like to mention is that if you go to Target and buy either a Disney gift card to buy your tickets or buy the tickets themselves…if you use your Target red card, you get 5% off your purchase.

AAA also offers discounted tickets if you buy them through your local branch or on their website.