Disney Parks Tip of the Day: Fuel Rod Charger

Have you ever spent the day at Disneyland or California Adventure and realized half way into your day that your phone or other mobile device was in dire need of a charge? Instead of going back to your hotel room or searching for an outlet, look no further! All you will need to do is find a Fuel Rod charger.

What is a Fuel Rod?

A Fuel Rod is an external charger for a device which uses a USB.

How Much is It?

For $30 you will receive one charger and a cable to charge a device.

How Does This Work?

At Disney parks there are various locations for Fuel Rod chargers. The display screen on the kiosk will give you the option to ‘buy’ or ‘swap’ a Fuel Rod. The ‘buy’ option is for the first time you use the charger. The ‘swap’ option is for when the charger is empty and you are seeking a ‘new’ one that is fully charged. You inset the drained Fuel Rod into the machine and presto, it will exchange the ‘old’ for a ‘new.’

At this time, it is ‘free’ to swap the charger, yet in the past there have been attempts by Disney to charge $3.

Note that this is a third party company and it is not operated or owned by Disney. If there are any problems with the kiosks, you will have to call the number on the machine. They are normally pretty quick for service.

How Long Does the Charge Last?

From personal experience, 4-8 hours. I use an iPhone 11.

Is It Worth It?

If you do not have a charger and need one, than yes. You can always bring your own charger or even order one off Amazon.

Where Can I Find a Kiosk?

Always check the Genie App for the most current information, but for quick reference:

Disneyland Kiosks

-Main Street Lockers

-Between Star Traders Shop and the ATM (Tomorrowland)

-Little Green Men Shop (Tomorrowland)

-Pioneer Mercantile Shop (Frontierland)

-Lower Level of Hungry Bear Restaurant (Critter Country)

-Pooh’s Corner Sweet Shop (Critter Country)

-It’s A Small World Gifts (Fantasyland)

Downtown Disney Kiosks

-Lobby of the Disneyland Hotel (Fantasy Tower)

-Lobby of the Paradise Pier Hotel

-Lobby of the Grand Californian

-Near Salt and Straw

California Adventure Kiosks

-Buena Vista Street Mortimer’s Market

-Ramon’s Body Art Shop (Carsland)

-Gone Hollywood Shop (Hollywood Land)

-Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff (Pixar Pier)