Where to Donate to Help Ukraine

There are many different charities out there at the moment taking donations to assist Ukraine. There are also many scammers also happy to take you funds. Please ensure whomever you donate to is a reputable cause. CNBC has provided a helpful list you may find here. It is broken down by what each charity does to assist.

The two charities I’ve highlighted are the two I have personally donated to:

UNISEF is looking for monetary donations in order to buy supplies to assist the children of Ukraine. They are working with families who have fled the country and for those still situated within its borders.

Taken from the UNISEF Website

World Central Kitchen is a charity what works to provide three meals a day for anyone in need. Normally they are more set to assist those who have been affected by natural disasters, but they have traveled to the borders of Ukraine and are working to feed refugees.

Image from WCK

No amount is too small, even if it is just $1. Do what you can.