Claiming EU Flight Compensation For Delays and Cancellations

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If you are flying on a European based carrier or any flight out of Europe, did you know there is a great chance you qualify for compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled?

Before I go much further, I want to note that as of Jan 1, 2021, UK carriers do not count towards EU compensation unless it is departing from within the EU.

Who Qualifies?

1)Your flight departed from a country within the EU (from any airline)

2) Your flight took off from outside the EU and landed in a country within the EU with a European airline

How Long Must the Delay Be?

Your flight must arrive at your final destination with a delay of 3 hours or more and you are the ticket holder who checking into the flight on time. You cannot claim compensation on behalf of someone else unless that person is a minor.

When Can you Not Claim Compensation?

If there is a circumstance beyond the airlines control. This includes political instability, extreme weather conditions, medical emergencies, air traffic control restrictions, acts of terrorism etc.\

If your ticket is free or at a special rate not available to the public, it is also not eligible for compensation.

How Much Will You Receive?

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Everything depends on the time and distance of the flight.

What If I’m Flying On a Non-EU Carrier?

If your flight leaves from Europe to the US, you are covered.

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What If My Flight is Oversold And I am Denied Boarding By the Airline?

You will not qualify for compensation unless there are no volunteers.

Image Taken from Citizens Information
Image Taken from Citizens Information

If you choose to take a refund, you will receive compensation. If you select re-rerouting, see the above chart. Compensation depends on the length and distance of the flight.

What If My Flight Is Cancelled?

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When Will You Not Receive Compensation For a Cancelled Flight?

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What About Upgrading and Downgrading a Seat?

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I’ll cover how to file a claim in a future post. I’m actually working on it now.