The Closure of Mickey’s Toontown in DIsneyland 2022

mickey and minnie's runaway railway disneyland
Image taken from Disney Parks Blog

In 2019, Disneyland announced that Mickey’s Toontown would be “reimagined” and updated with a new attraction. Fast forward to the end of 2021. After the closure due to the pandemic of almost a year, Disneyland has finally followed through with its closure announcement scheduled for 2022.

The reimagined Toontown will feature a new attraction that opened in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park, Mickey’s Runaway Railroad. This is the first attraction to feature Mickey Mouse and will be a nice addition to the back of DIsneyland Park.

Additionally, a new green space, CenTOONial Park, with water features will provide a nice open area for families to enjoy. Since the closure of Bugs Land in California Adventure where the Avenger’s Campus now sits, Disney has lacked an appropriate space for younger guests. This is the perfect solution.

The homes to Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, and Donald will likely stay and have some much needed updates. The Roger Rabbit Spin Coaster is the question mark. No one is entirely certain if it will remain or be taken out. I’d personally like to see a Duck Tales inclusion.

Have you ever wondered what sits behind Toontown? It is where the Team Disney Anaheim office building is and the place all new cast members go for training. Some offices have already been moved, but I have to wonder if they will also be moving or remodeling some of TDA.

I also wonder how the closure of Toontown will effect the fireworks. One reason Toontown always has had to close early is because it is where much of the pyrotechnic firework material is placed. There are so many questions to answer, but I suppose we won’t learn more until Toontown actually closes.