Book Your Holiday Travel Soon

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If you haven’t already booked your holiday travel yet, you may want to do so soon. Deals are typically the best 64 days before your planned departure.

I recommend beginning with the Google Flights search tool. I love that you can change dates around and set up price alert to let you know when they may go up or down. You can also play with different dates and airports.

It is always cheapest to try booking direct with the airline in place of a third party site. Sometimes they will also price match. Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been the best days to check in the past. The prices do fluctuate throughout the week.

One key tip these days is to read the fare restrictions for the airlines in the event you may need to cancel or make changes to the reservations. Some fares do not allow for free changes.

If you are traveling internationally, check the most up to date information regarding what is needed to travel. Do you need a vaccine? PCR test? A visa? Book those test dates or make appointments in advance as the holidays are creeping up quicker than you may think.

With accommodations, I always book the rate that allows for flexibility these days. Having the peace of mind of being able to cancel a hotel last minute is worth the slightly higher price.

Hope you found this reminder helpful. Until next time, happy travels.