Wines of France: Burgundy

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The Burgundy region of France is broken up into 5 different areas.

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The region is best known for its red wines made from Pinot Noir grapes. White wine in this region is made from Chardonnay grapes. Though the gamey and aligote grape varieties may also be used in wines.

There are 4 different classifications that may be found on a Burgundy bottle.

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What is Terroir?

Terroir is the association with “sense of place”. This plays largely into how wine produced in a particular region and based on soil, geography and climate. It affects how the wine tastes and its distinctive characteristics. Burgundy depends upon terroir.


Soils of this region of France are made of either of the 2 follow mixes:

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Brief History of the Area

200 Million years ago, Burgundy was a sea. As a result, the soil was left exceptionally fertile. The Romans in the first century AD introduced winemaking to the region. Monks in the Middle Ages carried on the traditions and cultivated vineyards in the area.