Summer Car Rentals Going Fast: Money Saving Tip

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Hello All! With the restrictions loosening for some locations and summer approaching, booking anything travel related is really picking up! If you are going to be using a rental car, I highly recommend you book as soon as possible. Already I am hearing from a few industry insiders just how hot of a commodity a rental car is going to be.

Comparing Prices and Booking

The website I wish I had known more about earlier is They are a website that operates similar to Google Flights and helps you to find the cheapest car rental type, location, and dates for what you are looking for.

All you need to do in order to get a quote for a car rental is input your pick up and drop off locations, dates, and if you are a member of any of the clubs, frequent flyer and other programs. It will also ask you for your name and contact information. Autoslash will then use the information to find you the best available rates. For example, AAA and AARP members may have a 10% discount on Hertz. What’s great is Autoslash also has a huge list of coupons on its website that it searches through for you!

I have personally used Autoslash and found the process super easy and saved me a lot of work.


You will have to decide if you wish to drop off the car at the same location you picked it up at. It’s usually cheap to do this than in another location.

If you are over the age of 25, rates for car rentals are cheaper.

If you have a driver under 25, some companies may not allow them to drive. You have to do your research.

Ensure you register all potential drivers in your party. The car rental agency will likely take a photocopy of each driver’s license.

Before returning the car, fill it up with gas. It will likely cost less than what the car rental agency will charge you.

Insurance is a big question! Check with your credit card company or your own person insurance to see if you are covered and if so is it primary or secondary insurance. Primary is what you are looking for. Spend the extra money and get the insurance if your own carrier doesn’t offer it. It will save you if there are any problems with the car.

Lastly, read all the terms and conditions!

Hope this helps! Happy travels!