Understanding Disneyland Tickets for Re-Opening

Disneyland has introduced a new ticketing system for its one day through five day tickets. It can be complicated to understand, but here has been what I have pieced together.

Reservations Required

Before we go any further, please be aware that reservations for theme park admission are required. Please ensure the day you want to visit is available before preceding any further. As of right now, only California residents are being allowed to make reservations for parties of three or less households.

Pick Your Park

Once your date is open and you buy your tickets, you will have to make an account on the Disneyland website or app to make a reservation. You will be required to pick the park you want to begin your visit at for the day: Disneyland Park or California Adventure Park.

You will NOT be able to make changes once you make your reservation unless you cancel it. Dates are going to be available on a rolling basis. If you have a multi-day ticket you will have to make a reservation for each day or your visit.

With park hopper tickets you may enter the second park of the day AFTER 1 p.m.

Ticket Sales

Begin online on Thursday April 15 at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time.

A reminder that anyone over the age of 10 is considered an adult for ticket purposes. Children aged 3-9 require a child’s ticket. Under 2 is free.

One Day Tickets

Disneyland offers one day tickets in tiers 1 through 5. The tiers correspond to what days are available for a visit and what dates are blocked out. Note that one day tickets are sold as one-park per day OR park hopper tickets. Park hoppers will only be valid after 1 p.m.

Tier 5 tickets do not have any black out dates.

Tier 4 tickets are not valid on weekend and for the months of April and May are valid Monday through Thursday. For the month of June, they are valid Monday through Wednesday.

Tier 4 Ticket Calendar from Disneyland.com

Tier 3 tickets are valid Monday through Thursday for the months of April and May. For the month of June they are valid Tuesday through Thursday.

Tier 3 Calendar from DIsneyland.com

Tier 2 tickets will only be valid Tuesday and Wednesday for April and May and the first Tuesday and Wednesday in June.

Tier 2 Ticket Calendar

Tier 1 tickets currently do NOT have any valid dates.

What If You Had Tickets You Never Used Before Last March?

If you had purchased tickets and never had the availability to use them, you can! You will still need to make a reservation. For the 1 day tickets sold as peak, regular, and value days check the calendars below. There are no restrictions as of right now on multi-day tickets. Multi-day tickets may be used on any day with a reservation. Additionally, expiration dates have been extended until the end of the year, but please check the Disneyland website to confirm based on the ticket type.

Peak 1 Day tickets do not have black out days.

Regular 1 Day tickets days are as follows for April, May, and June.

Regular Ticket 1 Day Dates Per Disneyland.com

1 Day Value tickets dates are as follows below.

Value 1 Day Ticket dates from Disneyland.com

Ticket Prices for 1 Day 1 Park Per Day Tickets

Chart from Disneyland.com

Ticket Prices for 1 Day Park Hopper Tickets

Adult prices are on the left, child on the right.

Chart from Disneyland.com

For 2, 3, 4, and 5 Day Tickets

A reservation is required for each day you intend to visit. There are no tiers for multiple day visit tickets.

Multi-day Ticket Prices for 1 Park Per Day

Adult Prices are on the left, Child on the right.

Chart from Disneyland.com

Multi-day Ticket Prices for Park Hopper Tickets

Adult Prices are on the left, child on the right.

Chart from Disneyland.com

Don’t See the Date You Want?

If you are looking for a different date with a 1 Day ticket, The Walt Disney Travel Company, which books ticket packages may have availability within their end of the system.

Annual Passes

There are currently no annual passes for sale.

Ticket Upgrades

There is not much information available to date as of yet, however, from people I have spoken to off the record, you WILL be able to upgrade your ticket subject to availability at DIsneyland. You will have to see a Main Gate Cast Member to do so. There are still working out how it will work with reservations.

Other Reminders

A temperature check and face mask are required to enter the park. Anyone aged 2 and up is subject to this requirement.

Everything is ALWAYS subject to change. The cancellation information is here.

There are NO Maxpass or Fastpass services available or early admittance to the theme parks.

There following has been suspended until further notice:

Taken from DIsneyland.com