Hotel Review: Amsterdam Double Tree Centraal Station

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I visited Amsterdam about a year ago. This review was written pre-pandemic and never posted.


When I was looking for a hotel to stay in during my trip to Amsterdam, I selected the Double Tree by Hilton Centraal Station. I was looking for a hotel within walking distance to all of the major tourist sites in the city. When shopping around to compare prices, I found that the Double Tree by Hilton offered one of the best rates. I booked my stay through the Hilton site directly. It was about $149 a night off season. This was a little higher than I normally pay for a hotel room, but I was also looking for a nice view. The Hilton Double Tree Centraal Station is located right on the water and at the time, I thought would be worth the splurge.

Location and Check In

The hotel is situation about a four to five minute walk from the train station. During my trip from London to Amsterdam, there was a hurricane. My train service was delayed about four hours. I was just happy to not have my train canceled! Instead of getting into Amsterdam early, I arrived late. I was tired after traveling all day.

The winds were strong and I almost felt as if I were going to get blown away from walking to the hotel. Luckily, as I mentioned previously, it was a short walk. The lobby of the hotel was fairly spacious. I was immediately greeted by a front desk attendant and offered towels, a hot cookie and water. They confirmed my room and let me know I had been upgraded. It was a welcome surprise.

I took my room key and headed up to the room. The staff was friendly and readily available to answer any questions. I do want to notate that if you are looking to catch a trolley into town or a train service to the airport, this hotel is in an excellent spot.

The Room and Room Service

Doubletree By Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Central Station in Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city where hotels are trying to go increasingly eco friendly. To cut down on waste they offer reduced towel service and limited physical amenities. Everything is digital. I was happy to click on the apple television and be able to scroll through it to find information to what I might need.

The room itself had a large glass window overlooking the cityscape and water below. It was windy and shaky at times due to the storm, but otherwise beautiful. The room was exceedingly modern and minimal in keeping with the design and overall aesthetic of the hotel.

There was a queen sized bed, desk, mini fridge, dresser, in room safe and free wifi. I especially enjoyed the large shower in the bathroom. It was one of the few European hotel rooms I’ve had where there was no tub, but a stand in shower. Everything was very clean.

I ordered room service for dinner that evening. The menu was a little limited and pricey, but in a pinch, it beat trying to go out and find food. I ordered a pizza and wine. The entire order took about twenty minutes.


Hotel Review: DoubleTree Amsterdam Centraal Station - No Home Just Roam

The next morning, most of the storm had passed through. I had breakfast at the executive lounge. They had a continental style breakfast with a good array of fresh fruits, cereal, meats, croissants, teas, coffees and juices. When dining at the restaurant the next morning, I found it to be a bit crowded. The selection of foods was about the same. If you are able to, opt to dine in the lunge. It’s a nicer atmosphere.

Wrapping Up

If you have the chance, the Skyview Bar is supposed to have amazing views of the city. It was closed both of my nights there due to the storm. I would highly recommend booking a room with a view. It really made my stay more enjoyable. The hotel is in an excellent location and staff exceedingly polite. I’d give my stay 4 out of 5 stars. I found the price a little high, and it was hard to sleep one of the nights, but that was more due to the weather.

The hotel can be crowded with business travelers at times so keep that in mind. Hope this review helps you out. Stays safe!