Virtual Tour: Volcano National Park

These national parks are offering virtual tours for those craving for  wildlife in the time of COVID-19, World - Times of India Travel
Image taken from India Times

Hello everyone. Today I want us all to take a quick trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. You can find a virtual tour here. Hawaii sits on what’s known as a Hot Spot. Lava floats up to the Earth’s surface and hits the ocean where the lava is eventually turned into land. The result is Hawaii contains one of the most active volcanoes in the world. If you ever have the opportunity to visit in person, it’s a must see location.

I can tell you to take multiple flashlights and batteries. When I went about ten years ago, our families flashlight ran out of batteries. We had to rely on the soft glow of the lava. I’d also recommend good walking shoes. The path to watch the lava flow at night is full of tripping hazards and uneven ground. Kudos to the park rangers who remark the path each and every day.