Amsterdam Hermitage: Jewels Exhibit

The jewels of the Russian tsars come to Amsterdam's Hermitage ...

I tried to come up with something a little different for today’s post. Come along with me to a digital journey of the Amsterdam Hermitage museum’s “Jewels!” exhibit. “Jewels!” features items on loan from Russia’s world famous Hermitage museum that once belonged to the Empresses’ Anna, Elisabeth and Catherine the Great.

The exhibit has been so in demand that it was already extended once. It was very popular during my visit there in February and runs through May 3. Please buy tickets in advance if you plan to see the exhibition in person (once this is all over). I was lucky that the admission was covered by the I Amsterdam card. I’ll do a separate post on the museum itself, but am sorry that I didn’t take more photos of the signs indicating what was what.

The items you will see in the video does not do justice to how beautiful the jewelry and clothing was of the items in the exhibit. I didn’t capture every single item, but the majority of what was on display you will see. Please let me know if you like content like this and I’ll try to do more like it in the future if you like it. Please stay safe and enjoy!