How You Can Help Australia and Puerto Rico

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Happy 2020 all. I can’t believe how quickly time flies and how much is going on. We are into a new decade and a New Year, however, natural disasters do not follow the same timeline as us humans. I want to take a moment out of my normal blogging to shed some light upon Australia and Puerto Rico. My heart has been breaking over the last week reading countless stories about the wildlife and people in Australia and the devastation the fires have had.

As a California girl, we have been hit hard by fires over the past few years. While, I have been extremely lucky that most of my friends and family have to escape the devastation, my heart knows exactly what the Aussies are going through. California is also known for earthquakes. I’ve lived through a few small ones and the last “big one” in 1989 I don’t remember (I was a baby). Buildings here are built to a strict earthquake code, but not in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has been hit with a devastating magnitude 6.2 earthquake as of today. The homes that were devastated two years ago during Hurricane Maria were once again collapsing around those who have been trying to rebuild. Homes on higher ground built to escape flooding were not meant to withstand the force of the shaking. My heart broke once again when I tried to reach out to several friends on the island. They had no power and had lost their homes again.

Please consider helping in any possible way you can to both of these causes. Any amount helps even if it’s a dollar, a pound, a euro. I’ve done some research, and compiled a list of various charities and funds that are centered around different causes. (A huge shout out to YouTuber PurseonFleek for the extra help). If you do not have the means to donate, don’t worry; you can do your part, by spreading the word about these causes.


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Wildlife Warriors

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital


Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief

Salvation Army Disaster Appeal

St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal (NSW)

NSW Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal


Celeste Barber – National distribution of funds

Puerto Rico

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World Central Kitchen

American Red Cross

Hispanic Federation: Unidos

‎United Way:

Catholic Charities USA


Salvation Army Disaster Relief

Direct Relief Association