Major Changes to Disneyland Transportation to and from Airports to Be Aware Of

If you are planning to take a trip in the next few weeks to Disneyland Resort in Southern California, there are some major changes coming to the transit to and from the airport that may affect your stay.

SuperShuttle Ending Operations

The largest shared ride van company in Southern Califonia, SuperShuttle, will be ending operations to LAX and SNA (John Wayne/Orange County) airports beginning New Years Eve (December 31). SuperShuttle has not officially announced they are going out of business, however, they have pulled out of almost every major airport in the United States.

When I worked as a Disneyland Resort Hotels Cast Member, SuperShuttle was our preferred vendor. Other shuttles that you may still be able to use that we sometimes partnered with were Karmel Shuttle and Primetime SHuttle. Shared ride van services have been greatly affected in the last two years by companies like Uber and Lyft.

If you have a package booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company and have booked transportation in advance, please contact them to ensure you still have transportation set up.

Coach USA Disneyland Express Ending Service

The Disneyland Resort Express bus operated by Coach USA will end its bus service to LAX and SNA (John Wayne/Orange County) airports beginning January 7. The bus service was a popular option for families traveling with kids as no car seats were required.

If you have a reservation already booked, it will be honored, but is no longer an option on their website.

What Options Are Left?

I always recommend beginning with the official Disneyland Resort Hotel information page as it is continuously updated with information. This page is operated by Disney and has almost every question you could possibly have answered on it. If you are looking for the short answer, the remainding options for grand transportation are: other shared ride van companies, Uber, Lyft, taxi, private transfer, public transit or car rental.

The hotels of the Disneyland Resort do NOT have any complimentary shuttles are WDW in Florida does.

A Few Thoughts

If you are planning to visit a few different locations in Southern California such as Universal Studios, Hollywood, and San Diego, I would consider renting a car. It may be worth your while to have the flexibility to drive yourself from one place to another. Consider the cost of parking at your hotel (or ensure your hotel has parking)! You can always return the rental car on days you do not need it.

Southern California Yellow Cab Taxis, was the preferred vendor of the hotels when I worked there. They have guaranteed rates if you have a coupon from the hotel to the airport or other destination.

You will have to do what works out best for you in the end and if you do your homework, or even contact your hotel, they can walk you through the best options for you. I’ll do an updated post in the coming weeks updating transportation to and from Disneyland soon. Until then, happy holidays and happy travels.