Paris Strikes: Transportation and Monuments

Hello my lovely readers! If you are headed to Paris this week, please be aware that there are a number of ongoing national strikes in France involving transportation and public sector workers in cultural sites and monuments. As of right now, the strikes are affecting almost everything in Paris.

If you are traveling by Metro, 2 lines will be running:

M1 stops:

M14 stops:

Air Travel

If you are flying into Paris on the national carrier, Air France, their ground handing workers are on strike. There is a strong possibility you will be affected. On top of that, one of the air traffic controlling unions is also on strike. Please call your airline to see if your flight is going to be affected. Many carriers will offer a free change to the departure date and time if affected. You may want to consider staying near the airport as a precaution if you are extra worried.

With that being said, the Police and taxi workers may be on strike. Ensure you have a means of transportation to get to and from the airport if need be. Your best options are to check with your hotel concierge, Super Shuttle, private car, Uber or Lyft. Trains will NOT be reliable.

Train Travel

Hard-line SNCF/RATP unions on strike until most likely the end of the month. RATP runs Paris region metro/bus/trams/Roissybus/Orlybus and portion of RER A&B. SNCF runs RER B (transportation between CDG and Gare du Nord), RER A/C/D/E (Versailles/Disneyland Paris), Tram T4, long distance OuiBus/Blablabus, regional/domestic/long distance and international trains).

RATP next-day traffic status (w/ metro map!)–

SNCF strike advisory:


Some trains have been operating only during rush hour, but I would not count on being able to use them.

Other Countries

If you are in a bind, you can consider flying into/out of another city in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Spain or maybe Belgium. European cities are closely linked by train and there are other train companies, such as DB, that are not affected by the strike. It’s a little extreme, but Paris is being crippled right now. You have to be prepared for anything.

I’ll try to keep you updated as best I can! Good luck!