This Blog Turns 1!

Well, this blog has officially made it to its first anniversary and I could not be prouder! Looking back, I remember last Labor Day weekend watching countless Youtube videos and reading countless travel blogs. I had always wanted to have a small corner of the internet to call my own; I was so hesitant to take the plunge. Would I have content to have on a site? Would I be able to consistently make updates? Would I even have an audience?

All I can say is, everything starts slow, but you have to start somewhere! Do I have a large amount of readers? No….but do I have people that visit my blog? Yes! Everything grows in its own time and can’t really be rushed! If you are thinking about starting a blog, take the plunge! You’ll always find excuses to talk yourself out of it if you don’t go for it.

Looking forward to the year ahead, I’m exciting that I’ll soon have some new content. I’m off to Paris very soon and could not be more excited to have another country and a new set of stories I’ll be able to share not far from now. I will have my Star Wars Land Part 2 soon, but to be honest, real life is really hard to gauge and my time has not been as plentiful as I would have wished.

I’ve decided that I want to continue to update at least once a week and keep this blog mainly dedicated to food and travel. I’ve been considering expanding it to a few other areas, but we shall see where that goes. I’ve decided that I want to make this blog more personable and will try to put in more of my personality into it rather than the how to type of posts I’ve tended to lean towards.

For the next week or two, I’ll be working towards possibly adding a YouTube channel to tie into this site, but I don’t know how regular videos and content will be up. I guess it all depends how my time in Paris goes. This blog is going to be getting a few tweaks and updates over the next month of so.

I have so many ideas and am excited to continue write, sit, and have my tea (and coffee) while I turn my thoughts into words! Until next time! Happy travels!