Enjoying Oracle Park

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Image taken form the SF Chronicle

The home of the San Francisco Giants is Oracle Park in the heart of San Francisco’s China Basin. It’s a beautiful spot for the Giants to play baseball and is one of the most picturesque baseball parks in the US (in my biased opinion of course).

Getting There

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If you are planning to take public transit in San Francisco, you should know that the MUNI (SF’s municipal transit) light rail system is going to be your best mode of transportation to the ballpark. The lightrail “T” line runs right in front of Oracle Park and is an easy 1 minute walk to your destination. MUNI passes can be purchased at any downtown station or on board with the driver. If you are coming from a downtown location, you will want to catch the “T” line at the Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery or Embarcadero stations. You can find more information about MUNI here.

If you are coming from the East Bay Area (Vallejo, Oakland or Larkspur), you are able to catch a ferry into the ballpark courtesy of the SF Bay Ferry Blue and Gold Fleet. It is a great way to see the San Francisco Bay and to see beautiful views of the Oakland Bay Bridge. The ferry can be a pricer option and is not always consistent with their schedule. Check here for the most up to date information.

The worst way to reach the stadium is by car. Streets around the arena close about 2 hours before game time and will bottleneck before and after the game. I have personally sat in traffic for about an hour just trying to get out of San Francisco and onto the Bay Bridge home after a game. If you are going to a day game, you will hit traffic no matter what time of day it is. parking at Oracle Park ranges, but is usually close to about $20. If you are a fan of ride sharing services or taxis, there are plenty of these around after the game. You will see a designated area to catch one.

My favorite mode of transit around SF from a downtown BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station is by foot. It’s a nice 30 minute walk and is fairly relaxing. If you are on your own, I would NOT recommend walking at night back to the station on your own. The areas you walk through are no the safest areas at night. I will only walk myself during day games or if you are in a group.


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Tickets to a Giants game are not cheap. You can count on paying at lest $15 for a lower cost ticket. You should know that the best place to buy tickets is on the Giants’ official website mlb.com, but you can find decently priced tickets on Seat Geek and Stub Hub. Unless you are hoping for a special event ticket for a particular giveaway, I always use Stub Hub.

You should know that Oracle Park does not accept any printed paper tickets anymore. Beginning this season, all tickets are electronic unless they are on the official ticket stock of the Giants. You are able to use a screenshot of your tickets in order to get into the park. Ensure you have these ready to go upon entry to the park.

Seating wise, there are not really any bad seats at Oracle Park. You are able to see well form the bleachers, lower box, club level or upper reserve areas. If you are looking to just explore Oracle Park and not watch the baseball game, you may want to consider the standing room only tickets. You are able to get into Oracle Park, walk around, eat and enjoy the atmosphere. These tickets are usually the least expensive.

Food and Drinks

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Oracle Park has perhaps the most variety of any food options you will encounter at a baseball stadium anywhere in the US. There are vegetarian options, vegan options, fast food and many dessert options. The majority of these will be found on the 2nd level or Promenade level of the park. I absolutely love that many of the places to eat here are actual restaurants based in San Francisco!

My favorite food items are the Super Duper burgers! Oracle Park is well known for its garlic fries! You will find they are really filling, but one of the most popular items around. These Chinese food, boba tea, and clam chowder are equally popular options. For desert, you must try the Ghiradelli chocolate hot chocolate, ice cream or other sunday options they offer!

Most of the healthier food options will be found under the Center Field sign. There is a self-sustaining food and herb garden there and nice seating area. This is my favorite place to grab a drink. The typical beer and other alcoholic options are available everywhere in the park. If you have food allergies, note that you can bring your own food to the park. Drinks are limited to unopened water bottles.

Unique Things to See

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If you are looking for these to see and do, the promenade level is your best bet. Towards the outfield you will see the scenic McCovey Cove and San Francisco Bay. Looking out, you may see many kayaks waiting for a baseball to be hit out of the park. This happens every so often. Towards the outfield, you will see a real retired SF cable car you can sit and take photos on!

If you are with kids, the Coca Cola bottle and glove are actually a slide for kids under 12 to go down! It is one experience sadly I’m too old for, but kids love it! They always want to see how fast they can go. There can be long lines for this so plan accordingly.

Next to this is a miniature version of Oracle Park where kids can hit a wiffle ball and run around the bases of the ball park. If you look closely to the outfield wall of the miniature park, you will see a large aquarium tank filled with fish from the SF Bay. They are changed out every so often, but are always fun to look at.

If this is your first game, stop by the Fan Guest Services office. You will be able to commemorate your experience with a certificate! It’s free! It’s always a nice souvenir to take home if you want to remember the game! Near the office you can also find the 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series Trophies and rings to take photos with!

Wrapping Up

I’ve only scratched the service with some of the few things you can do at Oracle Park. I always love that there is something for everyone to see and enjoy! It’s hard not to see a smile on somebody’s face! The Giants are the heart of San Francisco, why not experience a game for yourself? My only advise to you is to come with plenty of sweater or jackets as weather can be unpredictable. Happy travels!