Update: 737 MAX Grounded

As predicted yesterday, the 737 MAX has officially been grounded in the US and Canada. What you need to know is that with a ground stop n effect, all 737 MAX planes will indefinitely be sitting in their respective airport hangers until further notice. The planes are unlikely to back in service any time soon. I would venture to say it will be at least a month.

What does this mean for you? If you are worried about flying on a MAX, don’t hold your breath. I am sure that the planes safety will be thoroughly investigated before any are brought back into service. A an predicting a lot of backlash for Boeing, and a lot of nasty legal battles worldwide for lost revenue. Low cost carriers like Norwegian and Southwest are more likely to suffer.

If you had a flight that was cancelled, delayed or interrupted what should you do? If you suffered a cancellation, you normally will be rebooked automatically on the next available flight. I would not contact customer service or call in to the airline unless absolutely necessary. The have been slammed with angry customers and customers affected by the severe weather delays on the East Coast and in other locations.

If you must contact a representative, social media is your best bet. Be sure to include your confirmation number and frequent flyer number if you do. Airlines have been issuing waivers which means you can change your flight free of charge. Try doing it yourself through their website. I would play the waiting game if you were not directly impacted today or tomorrow. Why

Airlines that fly the MAX won’t have an answer for you for flights that aren’t scheduled for a few days. They are scrambling to figure out which planes on which routes will be shuffled around to accommodate the disruption. Believe me, airlines are losing millions of dollars and will be doing a lot of compensation. They want you to have a good experience with them and get you to your destination on time and in a good frame of mind.

Please remember to be kind to any agents or representatives you speak with. They are having a lot thrown at them and are in “all hands on deck’ situations. You can bet they are working over time and are overwhelmed with the questions, complaints and concerns going their way. They don’t have as much information as the management and do the best they can to accommodate you. It’s no their fault. If you are frustrated, believe me, so are they!