Deciding Where to Go

One of the most difficult things, I’m struggling with this month is deciding where my next adventure is going to be. Should I go to Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan? The possibilities are endless. Here is what I’ve been looking into to help me decide.

Time Off

For me right now, the most important factor in deciding where to go is to see how much time I can get off from my job. Right now I’m working part time in order to maximize my free time with running this blog and a few other side projects. As much as I would love to travel full time, something has to pay the bills. 

This time, it looks like I’m able to get a week off in February. Looking into my options, if I decide to go to Australia or New Zealand, I’ll be losing about 2 days off with flying time. This would leave about 5 days of time to enjoy the various cities and sites to see. Factoring in jet lag, I might lose another day adjusting to the time difference. 

High Season vs Low Season

What time of year is it where you are traveling? Is it summer, winter, is is tourist season? This will drastically effect whether or not you may enjoy your trip.  I’m looking to travel in February; if I heard South of the equator, it will be summer. It’s a busier time of year in Australia due to the nice weather. If I heard to Europe it’s going to be cold. Most tourists will wait until it’s spring or nicer weather to travel.

My budget for a week’s worth of hotels is going to be about $500. I don’t want a hostel this time around, but by playing with different locations on or Tripadvisor, I’ve been able to see that Europe the time of year I’m looking to go is only about half the price it normally is. Where can I get the most bang for my lower budget? 

Do Your Research

Online sites are great, but I’d recommend investing in a guide book either form the library or as a purchase for your location. I have a nice stack form the library on all the places I’m interested in going to. You want to know what you’re interested in seeing. Otherwise, what will you do when you get there? The library books are great because they are free. Even though they are a little dated, I can always buy the most current edition if I need it. 

Be on the look out for holidays and festivals that may attract crowds when you least expect it. Venice is on my short list and I have learned that carnival will attract several thousand tourists to the city to celebrate it. That’s great except that as I mentioned in the section above this will push hotel prices up a lot. It allows me to figure out what dates might work best for certain locations. 

The List

After all these factors, I still have no idea where I want to go. I’ve created a list of places I want to see and a running list of potential costs to help me. My deciding factor may depend on airline ticket costs this time around. Put a date on the time frame you need to make a decision by then reread your lists. 

How many days could you reasonably spend in each location and see everything you’re interested in? Keep n mind if you are going multiple places it takes time to get from one place to another. You want to be on vacation and not stress yourself out. What makes the most sense? Hope this helps you be more decisive than me. Until next time, happy travels.