5 Essential Items for Flights

Image taken from Pintrest

Today is a travel day and I’ve procrastinated until the last minute. Having already made 2 trips to the store for silly travel sized items, I thought I might share my top 5 essential items for flying out with.

The first thing I always throw into my carry on bag is a pack of baby wipes! They are the top item I use on flights to clean my hands with and to wipe down my tray top table. Having worked for a major airline, I can tell you that those tables are disgusting. Cleaners on domestic flights get between 7 and 12 minutes to clean a plane. It;s slightly better on international flights. They pick up garbage, service the bathroom, cater the galley, but they don’t have time for much else.

The idea is to turn around the plane as quickly as possible. Even though planes have a minimum turn around time, that includes the passengers deplaning, crew having a safety briefing and boarding. The cleaners are given the lowest priority. It’s disgusting, but true. Wipe your tables down! It will give you piece of mind and may help you from getting sick.

Second item in my bag is a small external power bank battery charger. I never thought I would be a person who uses their phone so much, but the truth of the matter is, you never know where you are going to be able to find an outlet. You don’t realize how quickly the battery drains. I’m always forgetting to turn the wifi signal off when  I go out. Also, when I’m on a quick trip, like this week, I plan to drop my bags off at the hotel and go straight to my destination. I don’t have time to sit my a wall and charge my phone. The charger will give you piece of mind. 

Third up is a bottle of water. Airport prices are a rip off, but I like to have a fresh bottle of water after security to drink before my flight. You can bring your own bottle, but there may not be a place to fill your bottle up. Airplanes are one of the driest environments on earth. Most people don’t realize they can be dehydrated after even an hour flight. In order to help avoid feeling sick the next day, drink up.

Bonus fun fact: avoid swimming or submerging your head in water at least 12 hours before your flight. When water gets into your ears, the changes in pressure with the water wreak havoc on your sinuses. It took me a long time to figure this one out. I HATE having my ears pop and that pressure when you take off and land. 

The fourth item I would have is an extra plastic or quart sized ziplock bag. You never ever know when it’s going to come in handy. It could be for garbage, for leftovers from a snack you bought, maybe even for some dirty clothes. You would be surprised when you need a bag and don’t have it! I forgot to put a tube of sunscreen in a bag at the security checkpoint last time. Sunscreen is expensive! The TSA agent luckily let me throw my tube into my extra bag and let it go through. 

Lastly, I would highly recommend always having an extra $5-20 in cash in your bag. I prefer to use my card everywhere and never usually have cash, With my luck, I never have it when I need it. When I came home from the airport, I tried to buy a train ticket. The card machines were all down and the only way to get a ticket was by using cash. An emergency $20 saved the day. All the other passengers around me had to go find an ATM and sadly the closest run to the train station ran out of money. 

Keep in mind, everybody’s essential items will vary. I’m a practical person though when it comes to travel. Less is more. Hope this might help you! When I return from Disneyland this week, I’ll have some more Halloween and fall themed posts to share. Until next time, happy travels.